Monday, September 3, 2012

Pre'cautious' Children

What i find absolutely fascinating about my Life in this slow paced town is, how people and situations ranging from delightful to ludicrous present themselves at my doorstep at regular intervals.They trigger off a chain of linked memories, akin to an atomic reaction of sorts.
Just the other day, young parents , seeking admission for their 2yr old son stepped into my office.The mother with a very resigned attitude consigned her rather detached self on the couch as the child gambolled around the office.The father refused my many offers of a chair and shuffled around his son with a nervous sort of energy, reminding me of a skilled basketball player preventing his opponent from scoring a basket!
All this activity , at such close proximity was making me a little dizzy and i asked the father firmly to let the child be and sit down !The gentleman shook his head with such fervour that the head almost detached itself from the shoulders.He told me that a few months back his son had dropped a  TV(!?!) on his head as a result of which his parietal bone had registered five cracks !!The neurosurgeon who was summoned by the distraught parents was greeted by the child, with a tight slap across his cheek..Needless to say that it took no further tests to declare the child 'normal', by the much traumatised doctor !!
This incident took me many years back,when my friends son had tied a rug around his shoulders and jumped off the first floor balcony of their flat.This overenthusiastic Superman was super fortunate that the groundfloor residents , had put out their mattress to be aired , which broke his fall and dislocated his arm !!Indignant at his inability to fly and displeased at having injured himself this boy then proceeded to demolish the doctors chamber ..When the doctor had , had enough of the son and hysterical mother, who kept insisting her child had a concussion , he lifted the child , from the waist , held him in the air and yelled'Maam you may have a concussion , I may have a concussion ...but your child DOES NOT have a concussion!!( The 6yr old Superman is a Fighter Pilot today ).
I too have been a victim of such a senseless experiment as a young mother.My younger son ( his misadventures are legendary) in a tearing hurry to join the ranks as Top Brass or more likely in an attempt to  outshine his older brother, drank up Brasso as a two yr old..He was rushed to the hospital for a stomach wash and fortunately his guts survived his gut churning experiment ..My older son ( His wisdom is legendary ), was extremely envious as he thought his brother would not need a bath henceforth and would shine if  given a flannel cloth rub down !!!!
A word of caution to parents of very young children and parents to be.That bundle of joy, who comes shrieking into this world, is actually announcing the arrival of 'Hazmat'...So please handle with extreme care and be vigilant at all times...

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